Restoring Touch Physical Therapy



Will I begin treatment on the first visit?
Yes. The phyiscal therapist will perform your initial evaluation to determine if physical therapy is appropriate and what limitations need to be addressed. Majority of patients have time during the initial visit to begin treatment after the evaluation is performed.


What should I wear to physical therapy visits?
It may vary based on what you are being treated for. In general, athletic clothing is recommended. The most important factor is making sure the physical therapist can access the area to be treated if necessary and you have freedom to move in the clothing. 


Do you accept my insurance?
Restoring Touch Physical Therapy is currently accepting patients with Medicare, Cigna, United Healthcare, AARP, Tricare, and Humana. The practice is still in the process of credentialing with several other insurance companies. Please call or message the office for updates. For patients not in network, we can verify out of network benefits or provide itemized bills for self-pay services to submit to insurance for reimbursement.  


Do I need a physician's referral to begin physical therapy?
In the state of Florida, patients have direct access to physical therapists for 30 days. Many patients can complete treatment within that time. If treatment requires longer than 30 days, a practitioner of record must review and sign the plan of care to continue treatment. For more in depth information and which professions qualify to be a practioner or record click here. Some insurances do require a referral for coverage.If you plan to go through insurance, it is best to check requirements during insurance eligibility verification. 


How do I know if physical therapy can help me?
Physical therapists are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, neurological impairments, vestibular and cardiac rehabilitation. There are subspecialties within physical therapy who may be best equipped to treat certain conditions. The best practice is to call and speak to the physical therapist if you are unsure. At Restoring Touch Physical Therapy, we also offer free discovery visits by appointment to sit down with our physical therapist and discuss if physical therapy is the right option for you. 


What are the self pay rates for treatment at Restoring Touch Physical Therapy?
$150 for the initial evaluation (90 min)
$100 for follow up treatments (60 min)
Free Discovery visit consultation with physical therapist prior to initial evaluation


Do you accept walk-ins?
Due to limited staff and space, we do not accept walk-ins. We request patients schedule at least one day in advance. If you would like to be seen same day, please call the office and we will evaluate availability on a case by case basis.